Hello, girls! Check out a new collection of trending beauty hacks that will help you to look flawless! I love to make various beauty products at home as it’s the best way to save budget and make all-natural masks and even makeup tools. Start from a cool beauty item that will help you to naturally plump your thin lips. You will need clear lip gloss and peppermint essential oil. All you need is to add a few drops of essential oil to the lip gloss. You will love the result. Dark circles look awful but we know a perfect treatment that you can by your hands. Follow these easy steps: combine gelatin with water, add mint leaves, parsley, and almond oil. Stir this mixture properly and spread this mixture over parchment paper. Let sit and cut out small parts to make patches. Dry skin on hands might be a great problem especially when it’s cold outside. Don’t worry, you can make a perfect mask for your hands. Melt old candles, cover your hands with almond oil and place hands in wax. Take hands out and cover with a plastic bag. Leave for 15 minutes. After that remove the wax and enjoy the result. Squeeze aloe vera gel, add some glycerine, essential oil and distilled water. You will love this all-natural makeup fixer. Open pores is a great problem for the most girls as we always want to have a perfect skin. Try this recipe: take a cosmetic brush and cover your face with aloe vera gel. Let dry. Take an ice cube wrap in the towel and with slight moves remove the gel from your face. Check out our video to find the right massage lines.

00:09 Recipe for thin lips
00:32 Perfect treatment for dark circles
01:16 Paraffin mask for dry hands
01:53 Makeup fixer
08:09 Cheap dye for hair

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