During pregnancy, the body changes so much and in a very short period of time. The belly is growing so quickly and you always need some new clothes. You don’t need to buy a ton of maternity clothes as we prepared a lot of hacks and tricks on how to transform your ordinary clothes. You will learn how to remake your old clothes in very beautiful ways. Use a rubber and a button to make zipper extender or to extend the life of jeans when the belly is growing. Replace the front pockets of your old jeans with elastic and stretchy pocket maternity pants that will cost you a penny! These pants only took a few minutes to complete and they are so comfortable for growing belly. Not only the belly is growing during pregnancy but also breasts and there is a handy solution – make a bra extender by your own hands. You can make a belly band out of an old tank top. Simply cut off the upper part.
Here is a genius idea – make a nursing top out of a tank top. Cut a strap and make a tiny loop. Sew a button to the top. When needed you can unhook a strap and feed a baby. Do you like this inexpensive idea?
You can borrow an old shirt from your husband and add an elastic waistband and it will look much better and very comfortable for the belly. If you need to do out but you don’t have any outfit for your belly, create a quick tunic. You will spend only 5 minutes to make this tunic. Take a piece of fabric or a big scarf, cut two holes for the belt. Ready!
Check out more sewing tutorials on how to resize a top or a shirt using lace. Moreover, you check out a funny selection what means being pregnant.

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